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Divination Services

£10.00 - £25.00

As of 2024 I now offer divination services. A more detailed list and description of these services can be found below. When purchasing please remember to ask your question in the comment box at check out. If you haven't done this you will need to email me directly the question you wish me to answer. I use the runes, knuckle bones, bone dice and my black mirror, as well as a few other methods I'm bound from sharing.

Simple Questions - I will answer a simple question using 2 different divinatory techniques to confer the answer.

Complex/Situational Questions - Give me the details on your current predicament and I'll work 3 types of divination to confer the best course of action.

3 Paths Reading - Upon purchase I will perform a reading around your general path and possible ways forward based on where you've been and where you are right now. For these readings I draw one rune, as well as asking questions to the dice, knuckle bones and finally performing divination involving specific Icelandic herbs to show me what path/s might be the most beneficial for you at this current moment.

Please bear in mind that as with all divinatory readings these aren't refundable. Please note that it may take up to 3 business days to complete readings. So please wait patiently.

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