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Northern Folk Magic - Six-Week Course (Aug-Sept 2024) - Early Sign-Up Price


This six week course in Northern Folk Magic offers students a hand's-on and practical approach to the folk magic of Northern Europe.

Examining folk magic systems from Iceland, The British Isles and Scandinavia we will discover how to work various techniques and aspects of these practices in harmony. More importantly we will uncover the threads of animism that bind them all together. This short course is designed to give people an idea of the interconnectedness of the Northern European landscape and the magic it holds.

We will cover topics including:
Icelandic galdur and seiður.
Magical stones.
Magical herbalism and it's approaches.
Working with animal remains in Nordic folk magic.
Notable British cunning folk and their stories.
Swedish trolldom.
Prophecy and divination techniques.
Spirit flight and the fetch.
Charms, and how to make them within these systems.

This short course involves the comparison, analysis and application of the techniques and charms of Northern Europe. Working within an animistic focused, traditional witchcraft lens, our approach will be using the foci of planetary magic and spirit communication. I will also be sharing my personal synthesis of the British, Icelandic and Swedish aspects of my practice and how I work these in harmony, as well as outlining the differences between working them within each respective location.

The course will run for six weeks, consisting of a 2-hour zoom class once a week. That's 12 hours of video classes as well as a reading list and recommendations.

The course will be starting on Monday August 5th at 18:00 GMT (Reykjavík time). And run each consecutive Monday at 18:00GMT for 6 weeks. Ending on 9th of September.

Each class will be recorded and be accessible to all students for two months after the date of the final class. (Expiring on November 4th). A second round of this short course will be announced once the first round has concluded. So if the August dates don't work for you, keep an eye on my socials for announcements on that.

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