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Icelandic Folk Magic: Cursing and Banishing


A pre-recorded video class on cursing and banishing magic working with Icelandic magical staves and herbs. The class focusses on 8 plants, all of these grow within Europe and many in America also. So if you wish to add a little Icelandic flare to your workings this is the class for you.

Like my other classes, this class focusses on animism, magical herbalism and the relationship between the magician, the land, the plant spirits and the staves. There is a focus on practicality and making what we have work the best it can.

Purchasing the class gives access to the video recording and the slideshow on dropbox. I like to keep things as accessible as possible, hence why this class isn't expensive. Don't let the price lead you to believe that what I'm teaching and sharing is worth less, as many of the staves in my classes haven't been shared outside of Iceland until now.

Email confirmation with links to the material within 24 hours of purchase. (Sadly I'm unable to set up an automatic email response just yet).