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Online Course - Constructing Animism: Rewilding Our Craft (Beginning March 10th 2024)


Constructing Animism: Rewilding Our Craft presents students with a 13-month course of study and practical application. This course is designed to give all students the tools and techniques needed to deepen their own spiritual paths and magical practices in the lands around them. We will focus on meaningful and mindful magical practices, as well as general wellness, practical herbalism and fulfilling experiences within our local nature. Throughout this course we will discover deeper levels of magic, our own local folklore through research projects, and practical ways for us to live in tune with the cyclical year around us. We will tap into folk practices, evaluate mythology and magical lore to discern which aspects of these practices may enrich our own in a respectful and appropriate manner. We will also delve into the intersection of spirituality and science, drawing upon both ancient knowledge and modern data to give us concrete reasoning behind doing what we do. Students will also read many academic papers and articles to help inspire and develop their own pathways based in historical, folkloric and sensible practices. Though the focus of this course is animistic, we will at times evaluate polytheistic and indeed monotheistic practices and techniques, especially those of dual-faith groups, to discern which might be the most appropriate for our own path. We will be taking on practices such as spirit flight, spirit communication and offering practices that will enrich our own daily aspects of the paths we walk.

This course, although focussing on animism and folkloric witchcraft, is appropriate for all those who walk a nature based spiritual path, not just one of witchcraft, Druidry or heathenry. In fact, students from all different paths may gain a better experience from interacting with each other and their own practices through the focus of animism, enriching us all in class discussions. Throughout the course we will discuss the turning of the year, the ways we can focus our practice on seasonal interactions, offerings and walking the land. As well as the ways we can create spaces within our homes for our own ancestral and familial spirits. We will dissect the folklore (mostly of the Northern Hemisphere) to help us actively work alongside nature, in harmony with the flow of the world around us. This will be through many examples, including spellwork, seasonal activities, folkloric charms and techniques and much more.

On competition of the course students will have knowledge in many subjects and exercises, including but not limited to:

- Spirit flight, fylgjur and the animal aspects of the self
- Animistic methods of interacting with the land spirits, familiars and ancestral spirits
- Agrippa's planetary magic system
- Knowledge of local flora and fauna
- A mindful practice of meditation and walking the land
- A good knowledge of local folklore and international folklore
- A seasonal calendar appropriate to your region
- A lunisolar system of working magic
- Ceremonial techniques for creating magical spaces and honouring the land
- Skills to create folkloric charms, talismans and more
- Knowledge of one's own spirit and the aspects that make up one's spirit
- The spirits of your own land and methods to communicate with them
- Dream divination and deep winter practices
- Techniques of good spiritual hygiene and cleansing
- Environmental activism within our magical paths

During the course students will receive access to 13 live classes via zoom (one 2 hour long live class per month for 13 months), as well as discussion sessions, access to a Facebook group for class discussions and the chance to communicate with each other and compare their own experiences. Research projects, with the option of sharing the results of these with the class. Talks and discussions with guest speakers from many different paths with invaluable knowledge in animistic methods of interacting with the land and their own magical paths. Workshops, guides for herbal preparations, charm and talisman making and magical techniques of divination, creating ritual spaces and more.

Upon purchase please give 24 hours for the course email to be sent. If anyone has any issues with emails or doesn't receive their confirmation after purchase it is up to them to let me know. I hope to see you all as we start this cycle.

- Albert