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Under the Skin - Shapeshifting in Icelandic Folk Magic - Pre-recorded Class


Shapeshifting, or Hamfari in Icelandic, is present in most paths of modern traditional witchcraft. Within Icelandic folk magic we take a few approaches to sending forth the fylgja in the form of an animal. Whether that be through staves, skins, herbs, the use of drums and more, Icelandic practitioners utilise these techniques with great success. We will take a look back to the fornmenn of old and their magical ability to send forth their spirits in the form of animals, to spy, harm and heal. We will then look at contemporary techniques, staves from the last 500 years and cover a little of the animistic ‘theology’ surrounding the Icelandic variation of the ancient practice. We will cover a few stories from Icelandic folklore that give us the practices we use today. We will talk on how to utilise Icelandic magical staves alongside animal skins, and the crossover between sending forth your fylgja and sitting out on burial mounds.

By the end of the class, students will be left with a good base knowledge of the folklore and practices surrounding shapeshifting in Icelandic Folk practice, as well as knowledge of the cultural context surrounding them. The class is approximately an hour and a half.

One purchased, you will shortly after receive a link to a dropbox folder containing the video recording and the power-point.

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