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Correspondences and Circumstances: Techniques for Spellwork and Witchcraft - Pre-recorded - 08.04.24


In this pre-recorded class we discover practical techniques for witchcraft and spell-work. Looking at planetary magic, timings, physical locations, plant and crystal correspondences and more to give us a good basic introduction to formulating our own spells and rituals.

Learn when, where and how we can work with materia to create practical and effective spellwork. Learn when the best time to work a spell for increase is. How we can utilise Friday's for love magic. And why we should be using our Saturdays and Tuesdays for malefica.

This class is perfect for those who want to learn the basics of crafting practical magic from a secular perspective. As well as those who want to begin their paths understanding the basics of planetary magic and how it inspires and works in tandem with many magical systems in Europe and beyond.

The video and PowerPoint of this class will be shared via email on the 8th of April. 08.04.2024. This class contains nearly 2 hours of video detailing all of the above and more.

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